Using BIGVENTUS' user friendly modules, you can query critical data, check data quality, compare your measurement stations, produce reports, save data in different formats, and automatically create MGM result reports.


  • Data Transfer

    Thanks to recent developments in internet technology and opportunities provided by mobile communications, BIGVENTUS minimizes the uncertainty of the wind measurement process by providing high quality and dependable measurement datasets. Independent of sensor(s) (including datalogger) types and models, and also raw data formats; it is adaptable to acquire wind measurement data and to process it on its database. The wind measurement data which has been sent to your server, e-mail address or PC is easily transferred to the specified database system.
  • Verification And Validation Tests

    Testing the wind measurement data according to the specifications stated by international wind energy organizations has a great importance during the measurement process. BIGVENTUS, therefore, tests the measurement data in line with this requirement utilizing a complicated process containing several steps such as range test, trend test, and relational test. The data which is passes through this testing procedure is identified as a dependable dataset which can be used for further advanced analyses.
  • Overview All Your Projects

    In order to develop the strategies for project site and location of wind measurement station, it is necessary to analyze measurement data instantly corresponding to specified time interval, to compare current station's data with other wind measurement stations' data which are set up at different locations and also to validate obtained datasets by applying some tests. Validated dataset is required for reliability of possible investments on the project. BIGVENTUS provides you access to all important information about your projects at a glance.
  • Detailed Wind Analysis

    Achievement of qualified datasets and data analysis requires advanced engineering knowledge. Combining our experience on multi-disciplinary engineering fields with user friendly web user interface, BIGVENTUS produces analysis results in seconds, which, in the past, were expensive and time-consuming.
  • Reporting

    Independent of sensors and raw data file formats, BIGVENTUS enables customers view data summaries and analysis results of their wind measurement stations. The customers can generate reports in accordance with their own criteria in reporting section.
  • File Creation & Transfer

    Due to different laws and regulations in force in different countries, wind measurement data may be required to be sent electronically in a specific format to a specific server or system. BIGVENTUS can automatically produce such files and transfer them in accordance with the requirements defined by the user.
  • Measurement Station Maintenence Management

    During the operating period of a wind measurement station, accessibility and availability of data, conditions of sensors and data quality should be controlled periodically. BIGVENTUS enables scheduled or unscheduled maintenance monitoring by filling maintenance forms through web user interface.
  • Customization - Create Your Own "BIGVENTUS" (Soon)

    We can customize BIGVENTUS in line with demands for the companies which are carrying extensive studies in tha area of wind energy or which provide monitoring, analysis, reporting services to their customers such as engineering companies, measurement mast producers and turbine manufacturers.


BIGVENTUS can be used on mobile phones and tablets!


  • Investors

    A well prepared and dependable feasibility study is a key element for the the project to have competitive advantage in project financing against other projects. BIGVENTUS provides investors with reliable financial data about their projects.
  • Engineering Companies

    BIGVENTUS analyzes millions of wind measurement data within seconds and enables the clients to monitor the corresponding results via its web user interface. Professionals may come up with accurate interpretations and strategies by taking advantages of BIGVENTUS.
  • Wind Turbine Manufacturers

    Wind turbine manufacturers can monitor wind flow parameters belonging to a potential wind farm location, and see the possible energy production related to their own turbine within measurement time interval. In addition BIGVENTUS gives the manufacturers opportunity to obtain power curve via ideal monitoring and analysis services. Turbine parameters can also be integrated into BIGVENTUS in line with demands from the manufacturers.
  • Wind Farm Owners

    The wind farm owners may compare the actual energy production with expected energy production calculated based on data obtained from measurement stations via BIGVENTUS. It's also possible to obtain velocity and production data from SCADA system via a special equipment, analyze it based on turbine type and make strategic comparison through the web interface. This process can be even more customized based on the needs of customers.
  • Financial Organizations

    BIGVENTUS provides financial analysis and technical reports in which uncertainties are minimized for the wind measurement stations monitored during their operating time independently by BIGVENTUS. Technical and Financial modules form a basis for professional Due Diligence studies.


Millions of data processed to deliver results in seconds by BIGVENTUS web-based monitoring and analysis software.



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BIGVENTUS is TURKEY's first wind monitoring and analysis software. BIGVENTUS, developed by TNA which was founded in 2008, provides a high capacity service in measurement mast monitoring, analysis and reporting via its unique characteristics. Bringing various engineering disciplines together in wind and solar energy systems, TNA provides consulting and engineering services at international standards level.